"Susan Aylworth writes delightfully wholesome books.

Her name is a guarantee of heart-warming romance."

~ Debbie Macomber, New York Times best-selling author

“I love being a writer! I especially enjoy creating romances set in quirky, small towns because of the sense of connectedness and community. Wholesome, sweet stories explore the tender emotions of falling in love—the feelings that sustain couples through long happily-ever-afters.” ~Susan

Latest Releases: Seasons of Destiny Series

Winter Skye

Two people with amazing talent, both poised on the edge of disaster, have so much going for them…and deep negative histories opposing. Can they make room for love to flourish?

Amber in Autumn

Two powerful people, both afraid to trust, have to decide where their priorities lie and what role love may play in their lives.

Sunny's Summer

As attraction leads to romance, the two share confidences, revealing wounds both old and new, and leaning on one another’s trust. When the bond of their trust is broken, can their budding romance be salvaged?

Paris in the Springtime

Her old high school crush has plans of his own, plans that include Paris, and his arguments are highly persuasive.

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When writers gather

When writers gather

Writing is a lonely vocation. Most of it is done either alone in an office or with a cadre of imaginary friends inside the author’s own head. Occasionally, that cycle is broken and a group of writers gather. That happened for me this past weekend in Gilbert, Arizona,...

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Fringe benefits

Fringe benefits

The writers' conference I attended a week ago met in Gilbert, Arizona, in the Phoenix metro. I was born in the bordering city of Mesa and lived there until I was nearly 12. After my family moved north into Navajo country, we continued to visit Mesa several times a...

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