Paris in the Springtime

After false accusations lead to the loss of her job, Paris Cutler returns to the small mountain town of Destiny, CA to crash and regroup at her grandmother’s. When she runs into her former high school crush, Greg Frantz, Paris begins to feel like a smitten kitten. Greg can’t get Paris out of his mind. How can he convince her to make Destiny hers?

Sunny's Summer

Sunny Ray arrives in the small town of Paradise to document the survivor stories of the Camp Fire, the worst in California history, for her graduate thesis. Her empathy enables her to connect with the community and help the survivors to heal, except for Deputy Sheriff Evan Millet. Evan’s anger runs deep and Sunny is determined to find out why, but will she like the answer?

Amber in Autumn

Amber Reyes loves her job as the elementary school principal in Destiny, California. When two new kids begin struggling, Amber steps in, not realizing their father is her childhood crush, Max Burnett. Max is also suffering, wounded by a disastrous marriage. How can Amber help Max’s troubled twins and heal Max’s heart so he can love again?

Winter Skye

Skye Ray is a rising artist whose difficult childhood serves as creative inspiration. When she meets Peter Koury, a glass artist and instructor at her art college near Destiny, she is instantly drawn to both his talent and his startling good looks. Pete shares Skye’s passion, but suffers his own hard past. Can two troubled artists conquer their past to make room for love?

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