Paris in the Springtime

Book 1, Seasons of Destiny Series

Paris is back home but not for long.

Emotionally gut-punched after false accusations lead to the loss of her job, Paris Cutler returns to her grandmother’s home in Destiny, California to take a breath and figure out what comes next. But when Paris runs into her old high school crush, she’s flustered by how great he looks. What’s he still doing in little, nowhere Destiny?

Greg Frantz never forgot the pretty but troubled Paris. She’s grown into a beautiful and accomplished woman with a passionate nature that knocks him off his feet. Greg knows Paris sees the small mountain town as a temporary stop only, but he’d love to persuade her otherwise. What can he do to keep her close…permanently?

From the Author

What would motivate me to write about a woman who falls in love with her old high school crush? Why not? For me, it worked especially well that circumstances kept them from considering each other back in the day. Now, eight years later, things look quite different, and there’s nothing to keep Paris and Greg from noticing each other.

Paris is different from most of my heroines. She’s impulsive, temperamental, and prone to quick judgments she later regrets. There’s a reason why, although I don’t reveal it until the second book. The truth is, we’re all human and subject to the kinds of errors Paris makes, and we all want someone who will love us even when we aren’t at our best. I love that Greg is patient with Paris’s quirks, knowing the person under it all is well worth the effort.

My character’s love-hate relationship with Destiny seemed a good way to introduce the ups and downs of living in a tiny, isolated community. Although Paris believes she has to get out in order to have a life, she needs to realize that her life is and always has been centered in Destiny. Her grandmother—feisty, wise, and deeply caring—was a fun character to write, as was her Aunt Jess, plenty feisty in her own right.

Paris’s story seemed a great way to introduce Destiny and the people who live there. If I could, I’d pick up, pack up, and run off to Destiny this weekend. Maybe I will, since it exists only in my own imagination.