Books and Series

“The Seasons of Destiny series is the latest of my sweet, small town romances.”

Paris in the Springtime

Paris is back home, but not for long.

 Emotionally gut-punched after false accusations lead to the loss of her job, Paris Cutler returns to her grandmother’s home in Destiny, California to take a breath and figure out what comes next. But when Paris runs into her old high school crush, she’s flustered by how great he looks. What’s he still doing in little, nowhere Destiny? 

 Greg Frantz never forgot the pretty but troubled Paris. She’s grown into a beautiful and accomplished woman with a passionate nature that knocks him off his feet. Greg knows Paris sees the small mountain town as a temporary stop only, but he’d love to persuade her otherwise. What can he do to keep her close…permanently?

Sunny's Summer

Six months after the deadliest fire in California history, Sunny Ray drives into rubble and ash, all that remains of once-lovely Paradise. She is there to document the history of the Camp Fire for her graduate thesis, one survivor story at a time. Sunny’s troubled past enables her to connect with members of the community in a way that helps their healing, except for Deputy Sheriff Evan Millet. 

Distant and simmering with resentment at Sunny’s intrusion, Evan refuses to speak with Sunny, but slowly relents enough to help with her research. A mutual attraction sparks between them and a bond of trust begins to bloom. But when their fragile trust is broken, can they salvage their budding romance, or will it become another paradise lost?


Amber in Autumn

Amber gave up her only serious love relationship to accept the job she wanted in the town she loves. But there’s a lack of eligible men in Destiny, California. She doesn’t want to leave, but she does want to marry. She wants to be a mother, but she doesn’t want to be a step-mother, who are always cast as the villains.  When she meets a man with children–and trust issues–what will she do to make it work? Is it even worth it?

Devastated by his former wife’s neglect, desertion, and death, Max is afraid to trust another woman, or to trust himself in choosing a companion. When he meets Amber, she pushes all his buttons–and not in a happy way. Then, as he gets to know her, he begins to wonder: Could she be the antidote to his pain and the answer to his worries?

Two powerful people, both afraid to trust, have to decide where their priorities lie and what role love may play in their lives. 

Winter Skye

Birth in a drug cult has set Skye up for a lifetime of destructive behavior. Now in recovery, she works hard for the life she wants as an accomplished artist. That means never dating the men she meets at AA meetings. Then Pete walks in. Tall, dark, unequivocally appealing, he rings her every bell. Even her aunt finds him “as handsome and charming as the devil himself.” When Skye learns that Pete is also an artist, a sculptor in glass, how can she resist? 

Peter Koury has sworn never again to date a recovering addict, but he can’t stay away from Skye. He could, perhaps, resist her striking appearance and girlish charm, but how can he avoid her when she literally falls into his arms? When he realizes she is the artist whose work he’s been admiring, he gives up even trying to withstand her magnetic appeal.

Two people with amazing talent, both poised on the edge of disaster, have so much going for them…and deep negative histories opposing. Each day is a battle as they fight for continued sobriety and for recognition in the art world. Can they make room for love to flourish? And can they trust it to last?